Productivity Wizardry Using Post-It Notes

By Penny Zenker

I just love the Post-It Note!  They are strewn throughout my home and office. They help my life run smoothly and increase my productivity.  There are lots of tools that help people and you can pick your poison because there are different strokes for different folks. I have plenty of electronic tools for productivity but I am still a major fan of post-it notes. I use them for important reminders, structuring my presentations and workshops, words of inspiration, communication with the kids, love notes.. you name it. Apparently, I am not the only one that has become quite reliant upon its utility. Post-It Notes can be seen in every office around the globe.  From using them as bookmarks to last minute notes, to using them in fields such as crime scene investigations to love notes, instructions for your kids, breaking down a chapter in a textbook- Post-Its are an effective solution to improving efficiency.  There is much value in these little squares of productivity.

While many stationary tools have died with advancements in technology, the Post-It Note has thrived and consistently played a major role in increasing productivity in the workplace.  They continue to be at the top of every office manager’s supply list. Often, they bridge the gap of communication, or organize mountain-sized projects into smaller tasks.  Post-It notes are as versatile as your imagination.  You can become a wizard of productivity! Below are a few tips to create productivity wizardry with Post-It Notes.

Tip #1:  Keep Them in Plain Sight

Mirrors, the edges of your computer screen, the fridge, on the coffee maker, inside the lid of your well hidden box of Godiva chocolate, anywhere you will naturally come across the Post-It Note.

Tip #2:  Create A Color Coding System for Projects

This is an easy and effective way to use Post-It Notes to increase productivity. Use different colors for various phases in your project or use them to classify certain types of tasks and projects.

Tip #3:  Self-Motivation and Encouragement

When we have worked our fingers to the bone and we are ready to give up, a little boost of encouragement will see you through until the end.  Use Post-It Notes to write words or small phrases of inspiration and place them throughout your office.  For example, “You Rock!”, “Celebrate your success”, “Would you rather live in your house or car?”, or whatever motivates you to persevere.  Remind yourself of the reward that awaits you upon completion and watch your productivity take off. Don’t forget those notes can also be placed on the desk of a team member, in your spouse’s briefcase or your kid’s bed. Spread positivity around!

Tip #4:  Avoid Arguments and Nagging

Don’t remind your kids to make their bed again. That frustrates you and them. A sticky note with a gentle “You did it!” reminder will reinforce it for them. The follow up is subtle and gets the job done with out the emotion involved when you have to constantly remind people.

You can see the ground you are gaining on a project as you rip through tasks, ball up the Post-It, and shoot three-pointers into the recycling bin as you conquer the task at hand.  The power that Post-It Notes have to amp up your productivity is undeniable.  Become a productivity wizard today and start getting things done!

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