Uplift Your Spirits

tedrainbowPhoto by W. Ted Russell / Freeport, Bahamas

You Are A Spirit…You Live In A Body…You Have A Mind

You might believe this and you might not. If you don’t it’s okay. This site will just give you a little food for thought.

However if you are a believer… You know in your soul that the power of your faith transcends your very earthbound being. You can accomplish your goals, love others, help others to achieve their dreams and to get closer to God who is Love…

I am a Christian who believes in the very power of LOVE and the gift that was given to us by Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.

Not only do I confess this …I truly believe in Jesus, God The Holy Spirit, Angels…in an age when some can no longer fathom the idea that what they can not see could really exist.

I believe that all of us must come to our own conclusion when it comes to our beliefs… I also believe that God gave us this choice and that no man has a right to take this choice away from any individual…

My primary mission is to love my fellow brother & sister.

I invite you to share your feelings and would request that you do so in the spirit of LOVE…

Be Blessed & Be A Blessing

Kathy Bee


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